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Our Web3 Innovation team of voyagers are constantly studying the rapidly-evolving world of decentralized technologies and the metaverse. Our aim is to traverse through this uncharted territory to help you make sense of it while learning about the new tools and methodologies that makes web3 crucial in driving innovation throughout the industry.

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Concept & Narrative Development

We assist early stage projects with refinement or development of ideas, creative direction and storytelling in order to create a compelling and engaging narrative that will resonate with web2 and web3 audiences. This service may affect the way that projects approach community building, design and is critical to developing hype during early days.

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Go-To-Market Planning

The importance of reaching the right audience and engagement relies on a sound GTM plan. Prior to launch, a playbook is developed encompassing over 30 different components including numerous afterthoughts such as economic modelling, tooling selection, documentation, financials and compliance to ensure all facets are considered to maximize the chances of success.

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Investor Relations

It can take an army to find the right investors and facilitate negotiations. Our investment committee have decades of experience working in top tier banking and financial institutions with a ready database of over 70 investor connections to aid awareness and finding the right investors in your journey.

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Partnership Introductions

The right partnerships can help accelerate growth and aid credibility to projects while reducing heavy upfront marketing spend. We believe in having a concrete partnerships plan in place with both web2 and web3 partners to drive cross pollination of communities and to convert them into your superfans.

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Meet The Team

Web3 Innovation Team

To be the company our client wants to be, it takes electic group of passionate operators. Get to know the people involves in the Web3 Innovation Team.

Rishi Randhawa

Head of Web3 Innovation


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Regardless of your query we firmly believe there isn't such a thing as a stupid question. If we are unable to assist you then hopefully we can point you in the right direction to one of your many partners in the industry.

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