Getting Started

  • 1. What is ENJINSTARTER?

    ENJINSTARTER is a blockchain gaming launchpad dedicated to helping creators and game developers embrace the enjin ecosystem.

  • 2. Has ENJINSTARTER has it's public sale yet?

    Yes. The ENJINSTARTER Ido was held on the 30th of Sep 2021.

  • 3. What was the price of EJS at IDO?

    The IDO price of $EJS was 0.008.

  • 4. What is the price of $EJS?

    You may view the current price of EJS here.

  • 5. Where can I buy $EJS?

    At the moment, only on Uniswap at the link here.

  • 6. Is $EJS on CoinGecko?

    Yes. You may view the listing here

  • 7. Is $EJS on Coin Market Cap?

    Yes. You may view the listing here

  • 8. Is $EJS planning a CEX listing?

    Yes. We are working on listing on a CEX which we will announce sometime before the end of this year.

  • 10. I registered but it did not take me to the KYC page. Why so?

    There are a few reasons for this:

    1. You are below
    2. You have already been whitelisted on ENJINSTARTER so you don’t actually need to apply.
    3. You have not registered before but your wallet is on record with our KYC provider.
    4. You are from a country that does not allow you to participate in IDOs.Afghanistan
      Democratic Republic of Congo
      Central African Republic
      Cote d’lvoire
      Iran (Islamic Republic of)
      Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of)
      Sri Lanka
      Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
      Palestine, State of
      Russian Federation
      Syrian Arab Republic
      The United States
  • 11. How do I that I've passed KYC?

    For now we will leave a list of wallet addresses that have been whitelisted for IDOs on ENJINSTARTER at this link. Moving forward we are working on simplifying this process in the future with our user dashboard on the launchpad.

  • 12. I don't see my wallet address in the list on Github. Who do I contact?

    You may reach out to the admins through our Telegram group.





    The admins are sometimes overwhelmed by messages so feel free to drop us a pm at [email protected] .